Pet Stories
  • Jan 17, 2014 8:00 pm
  • 54:37 mins

From cats and dogs to tranatulas and clams, this episode features stories about all of the different animals we invite into our homes. Tellers featured in this episode include Beth Horner, Waddie Mitchell, David Holt, Bill Harley and The Apple Seed's producers Sam Bennion, Sam Thomson and Andy Bay.  Beth Horner Story 1: My Dog Teller: Beth Horner Site: Notes: A story/song about how being a single parent to a rambunctious puppy is a lot of work. Waddie Mitchell Story 2: Cat-tastrophy Teller: Waddie Mitchell Site: Notes: Waddie's friend tells him a story about a cat who just won't quite.  David Holt Story 3: The Flying Cat Teller: David Holt Site: Notes: An urban legend about a cat who can survive just about anything.   The Apple Seed Story 4: Fuzzum and the Cricket Teller: Sam Thomson Notes: Each year the City of Nephi, UT is infested with crickets, and each year Fuzzum the cat seeks to destroy them.  Sam Bennion Story 5: Harry the Tarantula Teller: Sam Bennion Notes: Sam's pet tarantula escapes in his third grade class room and chaos ensues.  Sam Bennion Story 6: Muffin the Talking Dog Teller: Sam Bennion Notes: The kind of true story of Muffin, a blessing to dog-kind.    The Apple Seed Story 7: Fuzzum's Airbag Teller: Sa