Violence and Kids, Myths of Leadership, Screen Cleaning

Violence and Kids, Myths of Leadership, Screen Cleaning

The Matt Townsend Show - Season 6, Episode 238

  • Oct 6, 2017 4:00 pm
  • 2:30:01 mins

Effect of Witnessing Violence on Children (20:55) Daniel J Flannery, Ph.D., is the Director of the Begun Center for Violence Prevention Research and Education at Case Western Reserve University. How do you raise a child in a world with so much violence? We hear of terror attacks and school shootings and other violent acts nearly weekly. What’s the best way to approach your children and how is this violence affecting them? Dr. Flannery with some ideas The Mythical Leader: The Seven Myths of Leadership (1:09:06) Ron Edmondson is a pastor at Immanuel Baptist Church, a church leader, and the planter of two churches. He is passionate about planting churches but also helping established churches thrive. His specialty is organizational leadership, so in addition to his role as a pastor, he consults with church and ministry leaders. Many people think that leaders must be both outgoing and popular to be successful. But in reality, most leaders aren’t extroverts or popular. Pastor Ron Edmondson is the author of the book “The Mythical Leader.”  He shares with us about these myths and how you can be a better leader. Screen Cleaning (1:38:05) Jeff Simpson talks about movies and TV helping you find family-friendly options.

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