The Ballad of Ronnie Calloway, pt. 2

The Apple Seed - Radio Archive, Episode 290

  • Mar 24, 2015 6:00 pm
  • 58:07 mins

In this special two-part episode of The Apple Seed, we're pleased to bring you The Ballad of Ronnie Calloway, a folk operetta from the mind of the brilliant Kim Weitkamp. Set in the 1890s in Scurry, Texas, this story follows two lonely Texans, train robber Ronnie Calloway and orphan Lizzy Gibson. Recorded live at the National Storytelling Festival, this narrative is full of foot stompin' music, twists and turns, and haunting ballads and features such musical collaborators as Michael Reno Harrell and The Broken Bucket Band. In this episode, Kim joins us in the studio once again for a conversation with host, Sam Payne.  To learn more about Kim and find more of her work, visit her website at photo © Sam Payne & Kim Weitkamp