Shooting Ghosts

Shooting Ghosts

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Shooting Ghosts, John Wompas

Episode: Shooting Ghosts, John Wompas

  • Nov 11, 2017
  • 51:55 mins

Guests: Thomas James Brennan, Retired Marine Corps Sergeant, Founder, The War Horse, Co-author, “Shooting Ghosts” with Finbarr O’Reilly, Photojournalist The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are now America’s longest running conflict. More than two-and-a-half million veterans have served in those wars. Retired Marine Corps sergeant Thomas James Brennan is one of them. He’s a Purple Heart recipient and now an investigative journalist. He’s co-written an unusual memoir in partnership with combat photographer Finbarr O’Reilly. They met in a remote outpost of Afghanistan’s Helmand Province in 2010. What they experienced there formed the basis of a friendship that has brought both of them a measure a comfort as they’ve struggled with the psychological effects of war.