Jambalaya Thirty
  • Nov 19, 2014 7:00 pm
  • 56:04 mins

It's Wednesday on The Apple Seed and that means one thing--it's Jambalaya Day! Enjoy this delicious blend of stories from some of today's best storytellers! Story 1: The Generous Man Teller: Odds Bodkin Site: http://www.oddsbodkin.net/ Notes: A generous man gives all he has to the poor--but his donation does not go unnoticed.  Story 2: The King Has Goat Ears Teller: Glenda Bonin Site: http://www.storyworksgroup.com/ Notes: Some secrets are just too juicy to be kept private--particularly about the king. Story 3: The Conjuring of Bloody Mary Teller: Alan Hoal Site: http://www.thehoalstory.com/ Notes: In pursuit of an urban legend, young Alan learns the dangers of trusting his brother. Story 4: Quackling Teller: Big Joe the Storyteller Site: http://www.bigjoe.com/ Notes: When you're a duck on a quest, it pays to make some friends along the way. Story 5: Bill Greenfield and the Big Ol' Bear Teller: Joseph Bruchac Site: http://josephbruchac.com/ Notes: Sometimes you tree a bear. Sometimes a bear trees you. Story 6: The Beggar King Teller: Heather Forest Site: http://www.heatherforest.com/ Notes: Nobody should cut a deal with a demon. Not even someone as wise as King Solomon.