Jambalaya Five

The Apple Seed
  • Feb 12, 2014 8:00 pm
  • 57:33

This episode is another healthy helping of our story Jambalaya! It's a bit spicy, a bit saucy and this time, a bit...minty? Pete Griffin Story 1: The Skunk Whisperer Teller: Pete Griffin Site: Notes: Pete attempts to save the skunks of Chippewa National Forest by relocating them. Brian Story 2: The Preacher and the Ferryman Teller: Brian "Fox" Ellis Site: Notes: A ferryman's life is changed when a preacher shows him the error of his ways. Brendan Nolan Story 3: Mandrake Teller: Brendan Nolan Site: Notes: The story of Mandrake the Magician's magical artifacts.  Anthony Burcher Story 4: Minty Freshness Teller: Anthony Burcher Site: Notes: You'll never look at those strong mints the same way again! Anthony relates his painful experience of mints "going south." Antonio Sacre Story 5: Salt and Pepper Teller: Antonio Sacre Site: Notes: Young Antonio's grandmother fights off the monster in the closet. Donald Davis Story 6: The Red Scooter Teller: Donald Davis Site: Notes: A story about a child's view of Christmas.