Peaceful Muslims

Peaceful Muslims

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Peaceful Muslims, Unboiling Eggs, Drones, Economic Success

Episode: Peaceful Muslims, Unboiling Eggs, Drones, Economic Success

  • Feb 17, 2015 10:00 pm
  • 23:18 mins

Guest: Ruth Nasrullah, Freelance Journalist and Communications Director of the Houston Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations  Another horrifying video is being circulated by ISIS that shows 21 several dozen Egyptian Christians executed on a beach in Libya.  Tomorrow in Washington, President Obama will host a White House summit on Countering Violent Extremism. The meeting has come under criticism from Muslim groups who say their faith is too much the target of summit discussion. This is a difficult time for peaceful Muslims in America and abroad who find themselves maligned, misunderstood, and even tragically murdered because of their faith.  “The Texas Muslim Capitol Day is the opportunity for some to visit the state capitol, meet with their state representative, and discuss issues of concern,” says Nasrullah. But first time visitors received more than they bargained for when protestors rallied outside to scream and harass them. “They were protesting everything about us—that we were Muslim, that we were there, that we were being a part of the system. The really sad thing was there were many children there,” reflected Nasrullah, “and it was their first time visiting the capitol, and meeting representatives, and when they saw these protestors screaming, some actually cried. It was a tough start to the day.”  “It’s not often a child would have to face that kind of protest. But when they are questioned in school, I think they need to reach from their teachings from their religion and the prophet Mohamed,” says Nasrullah.  “I can only be horrified when anyone kills for any reason at all. Islam is a religion of mercy, so when I see things that ISIS does, I know that they aren’t practicing the religion I know because it is a religion of mercy,” says Nasrullah on ISIS.