Marijuana Debunked

Marijuana Debunked

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China, Alliances, Marijuana Debunked, Work-Family Balance

Episode: China, Alliances, Marijuana Debunked, Work-Family Balance

  • Sep 17, 2015 9:00 pm
  • 15:12 mins

Guest: Ed Gogek, M.D., Addiction Psychiatrist and Medical Director at the Bridges Network and Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center  In Colorado Springs, a new business model called “Gas and Grass” will appear next month. People will be able purchase medical marijuana and fill up their cars in one stop. Recreational marijuana use today is legal in four states – Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington – and many other states are now considering if they should legalize marijuana. Some worry that we’re sending the wrong message to teens by legalizing marijuana for adult use, even if it is intended to be only for medicinal purposes.  Psychiatrist Ed Gogek has seen marijuana use increase among teens over the past several years, and says that their marijuana use can have long-term negative consequences in a variety of aspects of their adult lives.