Broken Promises
  • Feb 27, 2018 7:00 pm
  • 55:24 mins

There are some phrases that spark stories, think “once upon a time”, “star-crossed lovers”, or “that was the day that everything changed”. You know what I’m talking about, the type of phrase that sets a whole story in motion. I’d like to add another phrase to that list: “I promise”. Just think, it creates immediate tension and intrigue and it’s something you could construct a whole narrative around. For example, maybe you hear that some lady promised her first kid to a magical little man if he spins straw into gold for her. That promise draws you in and you want to see how the story ends--or at least our team on The Apple Seed does. The moment we hear a promise being made we’re curious whether it will be kept or broken. And because you probably already know how Rumpelstiltskin ends we’ll bring you some tales of promises that you might not have heard. The Ice Woman by Donna Washington (1:56) A young Japanese merchant talks his way out of death. The only catch is that he promises never to speak of the events of that night ever again. Learn more about Donna Washington by visiting: Fisherman's Baby by Jenni Cargill-Strong (15:44) A young fisherman promises to take care of his baby while his wife is away tending her sick sister, however the fair sea and his best friend complicate the situation Learn more about Jenni Cargill-Strong by visiting: The Banjo Player of Franceville by Dan Keding (24:49) From his album "Promises Kept, Promises Broken" this original piece is about Franceville, a town with a snake problem. A banjo player offers to fix the situation for 10 gold dollars. The mayor is shocked when he actually succeeds. Learn more about Dan Keding by visiting: Cheep and Cackle by Priscilla Howe (35:47) A chick promises to share his cake with a cat, if that cat doesn’t eat him. But the cake is so yummy...Learn more about Priscilla Howe by visiting: The Well of the World's End by Richard Martin (41:55) A girl’s stepmother tells her to go out and achieve an impossible task leading the girl to make a promise that tests her limits. Learn more about Richard Martin by visiting:

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