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Sudoku, Dog Grooming, Sun Protection, Creativity and Depression, FitFighter, Clean Bathrooms

The Lisa Show
  • Jun 29, 2020
  • 01:45:32

Sudoku (0:00:00) It may not be as hair-raising as Formula 1, nor as dramatic as Premier League football, but Sudoku solving is acquiring a niche following as a spectator sport. It's thrilling in its own way, as evidenced by the numbers. The puzzle-solving YouTube channel Cracking the Cryptic has seen its viewing figures shoot up over the last two months. Its top Sudoku video has had more than 3 million views. Here to discuss all things Sudoku, including viral video “The Miracle Puzzle”, is cofounder of the channel Cracking the Cryptic Simon Anthony. Grooming Your Dog at Home (0:20:30) You’re not the only one whose hair grew unruly during quarantine. Dogs across the world also had to go without much needed haircuts. And with an uncertain future regarding another lockdown combined with continually high numbers of COVID cases, it may be a good idea to learn how to groom your dogs from home. So, we invited Rudy V and Anthony Rey from the Groomer Humor podcast to tell us all we need to know about grooming our dogs ourselves. They are a father and son dog grooming duo with a combined 55 years of experience. Protection from the Sun (0:35:27) Friend of the show Carrie Ann Rhodes talks with Richie about what we should be doing this summer to make sure that no one in our family gets sunburned. Creativity and Depression (0:52:44) Vincent Van Gogh, Sylvia Plath, Kurt Cobain, and many other beloved artists have famously suffered from depression and other mental health issues. It’s no wonder then that we tend to associate depression with creativity. But is there any valid connection? Here to share her thoughts on what role, if any, mental illness plays in creativity is Dr. Shelley Carson. She’s a psychologist and creativity expert. FitFighter (1:12:00) It’s always good to spice up your home fitness routine, but right now might be an especially good time since at home fitness has been your only option for a while and your other workouts might be getting a little old. We came across something new called FitFighter, which is a strength and conditioning system originally designed for firefighters. Since this is one of the newest things to hit the fitness world, we were curious about it, so we invited the FitFighter founder, Sarah Apgar onto the show today to tell us a little more about it. Sarah’s motto is, "I’m passionate about celebrating service, elevating strong women, raising my daughters, promoting the power of teams, and making you ready." We’re excited to have her on the show. Squeaky Clean Bathroom (1:27:03) Cleaning the bathroom is not fun, especially if you’ve put it off for way too long. But, as horrible as cleaning our bathroom may be, is there anything more satisfying than having a sparkling tub and toilet? It’s easier to feel like you’re clean and hygienic when your washroom is also spotless. Here to give us all her hacks for cleaning every inch of our bathrooms is owner of Go Clean Co, Sarah McAllister. Show More...

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