Science, Guided Reading, and Picture Books

Science, Guided Reading, and Picture Books

Worlds Awaiting - Season 3, Episode 23

  • Sep 26, 2018 7:00 pm
  • 56:48 mins
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Science Education (3:50) In a standard education there are several subjects that are crucial to the development of literacy in our children. Language Arts, Music, Mathematics, Art, Science. But what do you do when your child isn’t as interested in one of these subjects? Today our focus is on science. Duane Merrell is a professor at BYU with experience teaching high school as well. He currently specializes in secondary physical science teacher preparation. Storytime (14:38) Libraries are known for their storytimes and we are too. Each week at 15 minutes past the hour, tune in to hear book reviews or live readings of picture books or poetry. Today Margaret Neville of the King's English Bookshop in Salt Lake City reviews a few picture books great for young readers. Guided Reading (18:41) When given the proper tools, children can succeed in many different fields. One of the first tools given to children is the ability to read. Reading opens up new opportunities and challenges to our kids. However, that ability needs to grow as the child grows. Jan Burkins is an advocate of guided reading, which helps that process. Burkins is the co-author of Who's Doing the Work, Preventing Misguided Reading, and Reading Wellness: Lessons in Independence and Proficiency. Process of Making Picture Books (33:58) Julie Olson is an artist and author/illustrator of picture books. Picture books are our children’s first view into the world of literacy, and are very important for their development. A best picture books are well written and beautifully illustrated with harmony between both. Olson is the illustrator for the Princess Twins book series by Mona Hodgsen and the author and illustrator of Tickle, Tickle, Itch, Twitch. Library Resources (47:25) Today we are Around the Librarian's Table with Nathan Robison and Matthew Kammerer from the Orem Public Library in Utah. They discuss some of the lesser known resources that some libraries possess and how we can take advantage of them in our communities.

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