Dads and Kids
  • Apr 12, 2016 6:00 pm
  • 57:26 mins

In our lives, one of the people who has the strongest, and yet perhaps most varying, influence on us is our fathers. For today’s episode, we’re going to take a bit of time to explore the different kinds of dads in the world, and the many different things we have learned from them along the way. Stories included in this episode:  Emerson's Chevrolet (00:35) A story from Willy Claflin about his father, football, and Shakespeare. To learn more about Willy Claflin's work visit Perpetual Underdog (11:51) From Slash Coleman, this story explores how some father teach by example. To learn more about Slash Coleman's work visit Independence (22:21) Of all the things that we can gain and be taught from our fathers, one of the greatest is a sense of self and independence. This recording, from Dolores Hydock discusses how she learned to fly solo because of her dad. To learn more about Dolores Hydock's work visit Elmer, Far From Salty Water (29:47) Sometimes the independence we need and learn from our fathers comes from making changes to the path they have followed, making a name for ourselves, and in a number of cases, leaving our fathers behind. This short story, “Elmer”, and accompanying song, “Far from Salty Water”, by Michael Reno Harrell, talks about just that. To learn more about Michael Reno Harrell's work visit I'm Busy (38:16) We all can think of a time or two when as children we had to fight for their attention. This humorous song from Bill Harley expresses just that frustration.  To learn more about Bill Harley's work visit The Night Toddler, Holiness Night at El Charro, Three Doctors, Kapoo Song (41:43) A collection of reflections of fatherhood from Andy Offutt Irwin about his son, Liam, and his late son Tristan. To learn more about Andy Offutt Irwin's work visit