I Want to Ride My Bicycle
  • Jul 13, 2017 6:00 am
  • 53:24 mins

John F. Kennedy once said, “nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike” and here on the Apple Seed we feel like that expression could be extended to the stories about bikes. With tales that include scrapes, Christmas presents, and neighborhood fun, we hope you can feel the wind against your face as you listen to these heartwarming and silly stories and by then end of it all you may just find yourself saying, “I want to ride my bicycle”. Stories and songs included in this episode: Making Ends Meet by Susan Klein (1:40) Susan Klein talks about competing desires she has as a seven year old of not wanting to financially burden her family and wanting a shiny blue bike for Christmas. Learn more about Susan Klein by visiting: www.susanklein.net Mulga Bill's Bicycle by Paul Taylor (17:20) Paul Taylor retelling “Mulga Bill’s Bicycle,” a poem originally written by Banjo Paterson in the late 1800s. Learn more about Paul Taylor by visiting: www.paultaylor.ws A Good Night's Rest by Jay O'Callahan (20:54) A flat tire on a bike interrupts one lady's hope of a good night's rest, and spurs a series of comical events. Learn more about Jay O'Callahan by visiting: ocallahan.com Look, Ma! No Hands! by Rick Huddle (33:32) A poem of sorts about the many ways you can ride a bike...and how all of those methods will inevitably end. Learn more about Rick Huddle by visiting: www.rickhuddle.com Bike Story by Michael Reno Harrell (37:52) Michael's memory of getting a bike for Christmas and the modifications and experiences that went along with it. Learn more about Michael Reno Harrell by visiting: www.michaelreno.com Wheels by Michael Reno Harrell (48:40) A song that accompanies Bike Story.

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