The World on Your Skin
  • Sep 8, 2020 7:00 pm
  • 52:47 mins

Clean: The New Science of Skin Guest: James Hamblin, preventive medicine physician, lecturer at Yale School of Public Health, and author of “Clean: The New Science of Skin” Skin care products may not be healthy at all. They get rid of our natural microbiome which, just like the gut microbiome, contain helpful bacteria. Besides that, many products are misleading, overpriced, and based on faulty or nonexistent science. The fact is, you probably shower too much, and lifestyle changes will always be the most efficient way to improve your skin, and your life. Armpit Sniffer Guest: Barrie Drewitt, Princeton Consumer Research Technical Director This veteran “odor guru” has spent 25 years sniffing armpits and smelly feet, evaluating the best commercial products. His nose is so good, he can even sniff out cancer. Why he can't be replaced by a machine.