Unity Gospel Choir
  • Dec 14, 2016 3:00 am
  • 51:37 mins

Unity Gospel Choir is a traveling performance group whose main purpose is to bring souls unto Christ. This performance is directed By Debra Bonner and features interviews with special guest 5-time Grammy-Award-winner Mervyn Warren, the composer and arranger of the repertoire performed by the choir. Debra, Mervyn and soloist Yahosh Bonner chat with Steve about the special Handel's Messiah arrangement and other inspirational topics in this Christmas-themed episode. Songs featured: SCARLATTI Sinfonia to La Caduta de Decemviri; VIVALDI Sinfonia to Ottone in Villa; CASTRUCCI Concerto Grosso Op. 3 No. 9 in G Minor; BOYCE Symphony No. 1 in B-flat Major; Follow Highway 89 on twitter: @byuh89 and on instagram: @byuh89