Debra Fotheringham
  • Dec 12, 2020 3:00 pm
  • 57:35 mins

When Debra Fotheringham was a kid, the music from her father’s collection of jazz albums filled up the house, and filled up Debra’s heart. With a heart full of jazz, it’s no wonder that art began to make its way out of her heart and into the world. Debra began to make her mark as a fiction writer, getting invited to writers’ conferences even as a first grader. In Junior High, she discovered the versatility of the acoustic guitar and the rhythms of hand percussion. Marrying her love of writing with her love of making music on those instruments, Debra has been a staple in not only the songwriting scene, but also as a key contributor to the albums of other songwriters in one of the most vibrant independent songwriting communities in the country. Debra's first homemade CD sold more than a thousand copies from the merch tables at local shows, and her 2007 self-titled album and her 2010 EP, “Time,” are respected and loved by fans and fellow musicians alike. Audiences have seen her most often on stage as a part of the hymn-singing supergroup The Lower Lights, as well as the frontwoman for the Americana cover act the Blue Heart Revue. 2017 marks the release of another Debra Fotheringham album, called “The Darkness and the Sun.” Songs featured: White Bird, Stranger in a Strange Land, The Darkness and the Sun, Sometimes the Wolf, Drive Across the Desert, Dan's Song, Summer Rain, Odd-Shaped Pieces, Winter That Will Never Come