World of BBQ
  • Sep 4, 2020 7:00 pm
  • 52:49 mins

Culture of BBQ Guest: Robert F. Moss, Contributing Barbecue Editor, "Southern Living," and author of “Barbecue: The History of an American Institution” Love a good backyard barbecue with the family?  Then you’ll love finding out the 300 years of history America has with the meats and sauces of BBQ, from Native American traditions to political campaigns, and everything in between.  Barbacoa Guest: Nick Zukin, former owner, Mi Mero Mole, Portland, Oregon How barbacoa was originally made in Mexico. It's very similar to how Polynesians roast pig; in fact, these slow roast traditions sprung up independently all over the world.  Varsity Grill Team Guest: Tommy Copeland, teacher of horticulture, and founder, Competitive Barbecue Team, Ennis High School, Ennis, TX These teen cooks are just as competitive as any elite football team. By tradition they make wet BBQ, not dry rub, which can lead to lots of debate in the BBQ world.  Regional Burgers Guest: George Motz, author, "Hamburger America: A State-By-State Guide to 200 Great Burger Joints" What makes a good burger? Depends on where you live, but don't discount the value of grease, which Motz calls a condiment.