3-Ingredient Cookbook

3-Ingredient Cookbook

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The Piano Guys and The Future of Theaters

Episode: The Piano Guys and The Future of Theaters

  • Dec 22, 2020 2:40 pm
  • 20:21 mins

When life gets busy, especially around the holidays, it’s hard to cook complex meals all the time. So, we tell ourselves it’s ok, we’ll bake frozen pizzas for dinner until things calm down and we have time to cook again. But that time never seems to come. And then we find ourselves never cooking, always eating out and making microwave meals. But that isn’t necessarily a healthy lifestyle, and there’s nothing better than a homecooked meal. So where can we find recipes that don’t require at least 13 hard-to-find ingredients and three hours of prep time? Here with us today is Toby Amidor, nutrition expert, best-selling cookbook author and friend of the show, to share some easy recipes from her new 3-Ingredient Cookbook.