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Protests in Iran, 50 Years of International Cinema, Senator Hatch Will Retire

Top of Mind with Julie Rose
  • Jan 4, 2018
  • 1:42:51

Significance of Political Protests in Iran Guest: John Allen Gay, Executive Director, John Quincy Adams Society, Co-author, “War with Iran: Political, Military and Economic Consequences” For six straight days, Iranians have rallied in the streets. At least 20 people have died in clashes between protesters and security forces. More than 400 have been arrested. President Trump has praised the protests on Twitter.  50 Years of International Cinema Guests: Christopher Oscarson, PhD, Associate Professor, Comparative Arts and Literature, Brigham Young University, Co-Director of BYU International Cinema; Daryl Lee, PhD, Associate Professor, French and Italian, Brigham Young University, Co-Director of BYU International Cinema In just a couple weeks the 2018 Oscar nominees will be announced, including nominations for best foreign language film. The coveted Oscar nomination gives a foreign film a big boost with American audiences. But, here at BYU, students are spoiled with a treasure trove of foreign films brought to them for the last 50 years by BYU International Cinema. Long-serving GOP Senator Hatch to Retire Guest: David Magleby, PhD, Professor of Political Science, Brigham Young University Utah’s long-serving Republican Senator Orrin Hatch announced Tuesday that he will not run for another term. He’s 83 years old. He’s been in the Senate for 40 years. David Magleby analyzes Hatch's legacy and what his departure means for Utah and for the US Senate.  The Great American Citizenship Quiz (Originally aired Sep. 19. 2017) Guest: Solomon Skolnick, Author, "The Great American Citizenship Quiz" In the past decade more than 6 million people have become naturalized citizens in the United States of America. To do so, they’ve passed a citizenship quiz. Could you pass it? Understanding Autism (Originally aired Oct. 3, 2017) Guest: Tony Attwood, PhD, Adjunct Professor, Griffith University, Queensland, Australia, Consultant, "Amazing Things Happen" Even though the number of diagnosed cases of autism is growing, it is still widely misunderstood, especially by children unsure how to react to a classmate who behaves in ways they find mysterious. A few months ago, we talked about a whimsical, four-minute animation online that has gained international acclaim for its accessible approach to explaining autism. On A Mission to Reach Young Muslims (Originally aired Oct. 10, 2017) Guest: Mohammed Amin, Chairman, Conservative Muslim Forum Mohammed Amin has been named one of the hundred most influential Muslims in the UK. Since the 9-11 terror attacks, he’s made it his mission to explain his faith to others. But he’s especially interested in speaking to young Muslims – helping them see the possibilities for their lives. And he does it by telling them the story of his own life. The son of poor immigrants from Pakistan, Amin grew up in the slums of Manchester to become a partner at the prestigious accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers. View his website here.