Cats Cats Cats
  • Mar 6, 2015 7:00 pm
  • 57:25 mins

Stories, interviews, and songs included in this episode: David Holt & Bill Mooney Story: Why the Dog Chases the Cat Teller:  David Holt & Bill Mooney Site: Notes: Long ago, Dog and Cat used to be the best of friends. Margaret Read MacDonald Story:  Miera Miera Meow! Teller: Margaret Read MacDonald Site: Notes: In this French folk tale, cat and sheep work together against the mean old wolf. David Hold & Bill Mooney Story: Why the Cat Washes its Paws After it Eats Teller: David Holt & Bill Mooney Site: Notes: Cat gets an etiquette lesson. Lynea Lattanzio Interview:  Lynea Lattanzio \*\*Site: Notes: \*\*Lynea Lattanzio is the owner of the largest no-kill, no-cage cat shelter in the United States. Charlotte Blake Alston Story: Why Cats Live with Women Teller: Charlotte Blake Alston Site: Notes: Cat finds companionship. Priscilla Howe Story: Cat and Mouse Teller:  Priscilla Howe Site: Notes: Cat and Mouse used to be the best of friends. David Holt Story: The Cat Came Back Teller:  David Holt Site: Notes: This darn cat just can't stay away.