Woodpeckers Just Don't Make the Best Pets

The Apple Seed
  • Aug 21, 2020 1:00 am
  • 56:50

Growing up is full of adventures, struggles, and ultimately, lessons. Whether it’s learning to see something differently, correcting a mistake, or getting through a hard time, each lesson impacts the rest of our life. This episode is full of stories about adventures, growing, and life lessons. Bil Lepp recounts his childhood efforts to become a pet owner. Under the influence of Saturday cartoons, he decides that a woodpecker would be an ideal pet. Unfortunately for him, all does not go according to plan. He also shares accounts of some of the teenage pranks he pulled with his friend, Skeeter. Dolores Hydock discusses her mother’s ability to look at situations from a different angle than most. We’ll also hear stories from Carmen Deedy and Donald Davis. On today’s episode, enjoy the following: Story Spotlight:  “Woodpeckers Just Don’t Make the Best Pets” by Bil Lepp from Mayhem Dressed Like an Eight Point Buck Storytime Pieces: “The Trouble with Windows” By Carmen Deedy from Growing Up Cuban “Different Versions” by Dolores Hydock from In-Laws and Outlaws: Family Stories “The State Fair” by Donald Davis from See Rock City “Yard of the Week” by Bil Lepp from Fire! Fire! Pants on Liar