Wisdom of the World
  • Aug 28, 2020 1:00 am
  • 56:50 mins

What’s the most foolish thing you’ve ever done? We’ve all been there – waved at someone who wasn’t actually waving at us, gotten caught belting Celine Deon in the car, tripped up the stairs in public. Donna Washington’s Bastianello is a happy reminder that we’re all a little foolish sometimes, and that’s ok. In today’s story, follow us to the villages of Italy, where a flustered groom sets out to find people more foolish than his new wife and in-laws, who spent the morning weeping over events that never happened. He’ll soon learn that foolishness comes in many funny forms. On today’s episode of The Apple Seed, we’ll also venture to the farmlands of Japan, where Alton Chung will introduce us to Tanuki, a mischievous badger who plays nasty tricks on his friends, and Usagi, his rabbit friend who intends to teach him a lesson on how trickery hurts.  On today’s episode, enjoy the following: "Tanuki and Usagi" by Alton Chung, from The Spider Weaver and Other Tales from Asia "Bastianello" by Donna Washington, from Angel’s Laughter "The Fisherman of Lough Neagh" by Liz Weir, from Here, There and Everywhere "The Elephant Skull" by Tim Lowry, from Folk Tales From Around the World  "The Alligator and the Dog" by Olga Loya, from Tio Conejo (Uncle Rabbit) and Other Latin American Radio Family Journal - Castle