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Motivating Employees, Starting a Podcast, Letting Go of Grudges, Marrying the Right Person, Writers Get Noticed, Mindful Parenting

The Lisa Show
  • Oct 9, 2019
  • 01:41:15

Motivating Employees (0:00:00) Whether you’re the president of a large company or leading a small team of coworkers, it can be a huge struggle to motivate the people that you’re working with. But studies show that money isn’t enough to get people motivated to work. So what is? We’re joined by Laura Prisc, a leadership coach and the author of “Conscious Leadership: Are Your Leaders Wide Awake?” to find out what we can do better. Starting a Podcast (0:15:16) People love podcasts; they’re convenient and entertaining. Wefind it fascinating that we can expand our minds while we’re driving, exercising, and even cleaning. Maybe from all the podcasts you’ve listened to, you’ve started thinking you really want to give it a whirl behind the mic yourself!It can’t be that hard,right? With technology these days, pretty much anyone can start their own podcast, but the question is, where do you begin? Monica Packer, host of About Progress, knows exactly how to start a podcast and loves helping others go from a show idea to a full-blown podcast. She joins us today to give her best podcasting tips for beginners. Letting Go of Grudges (0:35:18) Is there a grudge you’re holding onto, an offense made against you long ago, that you can remember with impeccable clarity? You know, that one girl who dumped pudding on your head in the school lunchroom or that guy who insulted your favorite pair of sneakers? We’ve all held grudges at one time or another. But, these grudges could actually be harming our health. Dr. Frederic Luskin is the founder and director of the Stanford Forgiveness Projects. He joins us today to talk about how to let go of our grudges and the freedom and health benefits that forgiveness brings. Marrying the Right Person (0:50:38) No one wants to be single forever—right? Isn’t it the hope of everyone to find true love? But while this is the hope, happily ever after doesn’t always follow the marriage party. It happens every day—people marry the wrong person. So before getting down on one knee, what are some things we should be considering? How can we know if we’re going to marry the right person? Here to share his perspective on the subject is couple’s therapist Dr. Gary Brown. Writers Get Noticed (1:05:26) What is the best way to get your stories out into the world? Publishing books can be difficult, and promoting those books can be even harder. There are more books than ever before in the world and the competition is getting fiercer and fiercer, so how can you get noticed or even make a mark in a world swimming with writers? Today we are going to talk about how writers can unlock the skills they need to draw readers. We have motivational coach and veteran writer Colleen Story, author of “Writer Get Noticed!” to talk with us. Mindful Parenting (1:20:36) Growing up, you probably thought your parents knew everything about raising children. But little did you know, even they had to learnover time. Raising children is a lifelong process so wouldn’t it be great if you could start off on the right track? Dr. Vanessa Lapointe is a psychologist and the author of "PARENTING RIGHT FROM THE START: Laying a Healthy Foundation in the Baby and Toddler Years." She’s with us to tell us how being conscious and mindful parents can influence our children’s growth early on. Show More...

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