Cause and Effect
  • Jun 9, 2016 8:45 pm
  • 58:31 mins

Stories included in this episode:  The Apple Seed Origin Story (00:00) BYUradio Manager, Don Shelline, and General Radio Manager, Marcus Smith, join Sam Payne in the studio to talk about the beginnings of our show. Let's Start at The Beginning (11:11 - 41:34) Have you ever wondered how someone starts telling stories on stage? Every storyteller had to start somewhere and most folks become excellent storytellers by being excellent listeners. In this segment listen to excerpts of past conversations where Geraldine Buckley, Donald Davis, Jenni Cargill-Strong, Willy Claflin, Noa Baum, and Betty Ann Wylie talk about how they became the storytellers, teaching artists, educations, and performers that they are today. Live at the 2015 Timpanogos Storytelling Festival with Shonaleigh (42:38) With a repertoire of over three thousand stories which can be adapted as appropriate for the theme and audience with whom she is working, Shonaleigh is a dedicated and committed storyteller who's expanding her tradition. Storytelling is in her blood. A dyslexic, she's a drut'syla, a storyteller in the Jewish tradition, and she sees that tradition as very much alive. In this story, listen to Shonaleigh spin a great fairytale that unravels to reveal a great chain of events. To learn more about Shonaleigh visit

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