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Fake News, Don't Trust Your Gut, Mediterranean Diet

The Matt Townsend Show
  • Mar 29, 2017
  • 02:23:14

How Fake News Spreads (16:20) Dr. Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia is an assistant research scientist at the Indiana University Network Science Institute. His research interests are in the emerging disciplines of network science and computational social science, with a particular focus on information diffusion on the Internet and social media. In a world of fake news and alternative facts, it is hard to get the information straight. Dr. Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia helped create the website Hoaxy in hopes of debunking fake news.   Makena Bauss - Watch Your Own Surgery (43:16)  The New York Times recently reported a growing number of people are choosing to forego general anesthesia, opting instead for a local anesthetic that lets them observe their own medical procedures. Producer Makena Bauss discuss the pros and cons of watching your own surgery. When To Trust Your Gut (1:06:24) Dr. Gleb Tsipursky is a professor at Ohio State in the Decision Sciences Collaborative and the History Department. He is passionate about promoting science-based decision-making and emotional and social intelligence. He runs a nonprofit that helps people use science-based strategies to make effective decisions and reach their goals. When you encounter a dangerous situation or difficult decision you’ll often hear advice to “trust your instincts”. Our primal instincts kept our ancestors alive but our next guest Dr. Gleb Tsiprusky argues that trusting our instincts at work might be hurting instead of helping us. Mediterranean Diet (1:51:29) Karen Mangum is a licensed, registered dietitian, seasoned recipe developer, food blogger, and nutrition consultant. She is the author and producer of Inside Karen’s Kitchen, a healthy food blog, where she shares recipes that nourish and heal along with insightful nutrition musings which attempt to sort fact from fiction. Karen Mangum explains the health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet. Show More...

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