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Boston National Historical Park, Learning to Like Healthy Food, Civil Dialogue, Mini Book Club: Best Audiobooks, Halloween Décor

The Lisa Show
  • Oct 8, 2020
  • 01:45:35

Boston National Historical Park (0:00:00) Gabby Hornbeck guides us through the Boston National Historical Park, the site of the first battle of the Revolutionary War, and shares how we can immerse ourselves in history by visiting the park.  Learning to Like Healthy Food (0:15:09) Whether it's you or your kids turning down vegetables at the dinner table, we've all been there. Sometimes vegetables and other healthy foods are just so unappealing. Expert nutritionist Laura Silver helps us learn to like nutritious foods that will benefit our long-term health.  Civil Dialogue (0:52:48)  It seems that every year our country becomes more divided-- at this point, it feels like there's almost nothing we can talk about that won't end in debate. This year, we've had a pandemic, riots, and a controversial presidential election. Rabbi Simon Jacobson, author and dean of The Meaningful Life Center, shares advice on returning civility to our lives and discussions.  Mini Book Club: Best Audiobooks (1:08:18) Do you ever find yourself falling asleep or getting distracted while listening to audiobooks? Rachel Wadham shares her suggestions for engaging audiobooks that will keep you entertained.  Halloween Decor (1:27:56) Decorating your home for the holidays seems to make each day feel a little more festive. Pam McMurtry shares ideas for decorating the exterior and interior of your home this Halloween season. Show More...

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