Keep the Memories, Lose the Clutter

Keep the Memories, Lose the Clutter

Top of Mind with Julie Rose - Radio Archive, Episode 618 , Segment 7

Episode: Eclipse, After-School Activities, What Babies See

  • Aug 16, 2017 11:00 pm
  • 9:54 mins

Guest: Rebecca Reczek, PhD, Associate Professor of Marketing, Ohio State University  Somewhere in your attic, basement, or garage, there is likely a box of something, baby shoes and blankets, toys, or books, something you’re never going to use again but that you just can’t bear to throw away or donate. Other people might regard these items as clutter, but perhaps you see memories in those dusty boxes taking up space.  How can we motivate ourselves to get rid of what we don’t need anymore, especially if there’s sentimental value attached?

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