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Food Expiration Dates, Teaching Kids Body Positivity, Extra Early Christmas Shopping, Toni Morrison's Legacy, Hot Weather Running, Respecting Coworkers

The Lisa Show
  • Aug 14, 2019
  • 01:41:15

Food Expiration Dates (0:00:00) Dietitian Melissa Joy Dobbins explains the real meaning of expiration dates, and how long we can hang onto certain kinds of foods. Teaching Body Positivity to Kids (0:15:38) Connie Sobczak, co-founder and executive director of The Body Positive, talks about how we can teach our kids to love their bodies from an early age. Extra Early Christmas Shopping (0:32:13) Pam McMurtry, owner of McMurtry Creative Media, discusses what we should be doing right now, at the end of summer, to make the Christmas season less stressful and more focused on things other than gift-shopping. Toni Morrison's Legacy (0:50:36) Laura Ann Winkiel, english professor at the University of Colorado Boulder, talks about the value of what was written by the late author Toni Morrison, and how her work has influenced us today. Hot Weather Running (1:04:44) Paul Ronto, writer for, gives tips for running safely, even on the hottest days of summer. You can find the study mentioned in Paul's interview here. Respect in the Workplace (1:22:24) Christine Porath, author and tenured professor at Georgetown University, explains the benefits of keeping respect in the workplace, and how it can positively influence business. Show More...

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