Sugar Wars
  • May 4, 2018 4:00 pm
  • 35:53 mins

Gary Taubes is an investigative science and health journalist and co-founder of the nonprofit Nutrition Science Initiative. He is the author of The Case Against Sugar, Taubes is the recipient of a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Investigator Award in Health Policy Research, and has won numerous other awards for his journalism. Among Americans, diabetes is more prevalent today than ever; obesity is at epidemic proportions; nearly 10% of children are thought to have nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. And sugar is at the root of these, and other, critical society-wide, health-related problems. Gary Taubes explains what research has shown about our addiction to sweets. He clarifies the arguments against sugar, corrects misconceptions about the relationship between sugar and weight loss; and provides the perspective necessary to make informed decisions about sugar as individuals and as a society.

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