The Beggar King and Other Stories

The Beggar King and Other Stories

The Apple Seed

  • Jul 15, 2016 6:00 pm
  • 54:47 mins
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Stories included in this episode:  The Beggar King A classic King Solomon tale about trying to look at and understand life from a different view. To learn more about Heather Forest visit Coyote Goes to the Sky Coyote is a classic figure in Native American and Southwestern folktales. Sometimes a trickster, Coyote always learns his lesson. To learn more about Susan Strauss visit How Beetle Got Her Colors A story from South America about a beautiful beetle and the lessons she learns. To learn more about Glenda Bonin visit The Invisible Boy A Mic-Mac legend about seeing and being seen in the right light. To learn more about Stephanie Beneteau visi In the Face of Evil In April 1995, a domestic terrorist attack was carried out in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. In spite of the loss and tragedy, the residents of OKC found ways to support each other through a difficult time. To learn more about Kate Dudding visit

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