Big 12 or Bust
  • May 25, 2016 5:00 pm
  • 49:55 mins
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Play 'Big Deal, No Deal' with Spencer and Jarom. Is it a big deal that Taysom Hill is back on the field? Is it a big deal that there was a BYU shirt hoisted atop Mount Everest? Is it really Big 12 or Bust? Jake Trotter from ESPN says that if BYU does not get into the Big 12 this goaround, they're sunk. Listen to why both Spencer and Jarom don't think that's the case. Jonny Linehan, BYU punter, talks about his success in BYU Rugby, and what he is going to focus on this BYU Football season. Is he really going to try to bulk up as much as Taysom Hill? What does a football scholarship mean for him this season? Spencer and Jarom talk to the BYU Men's Soccer coach, Brandon Gilliam, talks about how the Men's team is planning on moving forward this year. Are there any specific goals that they're pushig for or are they, more focused on building their team's infrastructure? BYU Baseball continues in its dominance. Numerous awards and star players are named on the team, ranging from freshman to senior.