Introducing "Stick With It": What happens when you lean in to a challenging perspective?

Top of Mind with Julie Rose - Season 2, Episode 25

  • Oct 10, 2022 12:00 pm
  • 52:49 mins

When you encounter a perspective that contradicts your own, the natural instinct is to either shut down or push back. But staying with that discomfort can pay off. Maybe it deepens a relationship or leads to some fresh insight. Top of Mind is launching a new series called “Stick With It” where we talk with people about a time they encountered a perspective that felt challenging, chose to stick with that discomfort, and they’re glad they did. In this episode, we speak with a couple of friends – one is Black, one is white – about embracing tough conversations as they wrote a book together about race. And host Julie Rose shares a “Stick With It” story of her own. Email your story to Guests: Shanterra McBride, author, preacher, speaker, founder of Marvelous University Rosalind Wiseman, co-founder of Cultures of Dignity, author of “Queen Bees and Wannabes” and co-author with McBride of “Courageous Discomfort: How to Have Important, Life-Changing Conversations About Race and Racism.