Around the Neighborhood
  • Dec 4, 2015 7:00 pm
  • 57:28 mins

Stories included in this episode: Kevin Cordi Story: Trash Talk Teller:  Kevin Cordi Site: Note: A tale of friendly neighborhood noise. Lyn Ford Story: Kanzo's Garden Teller:  Lyn Ford Site: Note:Good neighbors can feel like family. Anne Rutherford Story: larry and the rabbi Teller:  Anne Rutherford Site: Note: A fun twist on a Jewish folktale makes Larry appreciate what he has. Donald Davis Story Jack Moore Builds A House Teller: Donald Davis Site: Note: A young Donald "helps" his neighbor build a house. Adam Booth Story: The Ice Cream Truck Teller: Adam Booth Site: Notes: The neighborhood boy who cried" ice cream!"