Jambalaya Twenty-Four
  • Sep 10, 2014 6:42 pm
  • 55:54 mins

Stories included in this episode: Dolores Hydock Story 1: Perfect Match Teller: Dolores Hydock Site: www.storypower.org Notes: Dolores recalls the time her high school held a computer-themed dance were each student was to dance with their "perfect match." Richard Martin Story 2: Bishop Dalley Teller: Richard Martin Site: www.tellatale.eu Notes: A pastor struggles to keep his congregation awake during his sermons. Sheila Starks Phillips Story 3: Chris' Accident Teller: Sheila Starks Phillips Site: www.sheilaphillips.com Notes: A mother watches her son return to his high school after recovering from a tragic accident.  Bill Harley Story 4: Bucket of Beans, Clarisse, and the Bubble Machine Teller: Bill Harley Site: www.billharley.com Notes: A young boy and his sister get into trouble when they start messing with their parent's bubble machine.