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Emotional Support Animals, Hardships and Happiness, Social Kids, Better Posture, Job Search News, New Tech in the Workplace (Full Show)

The Lisa Show
  • Feb 3, 2020 3:00 pm
  • 1:41:14

Emotional Support Animals (0:00:00) I’m sure you already know this, but we love pets here on The Lisa Show. They bring happiness into our lives in ways other things can’t. They can also be used for emotional support. Do you remember a couple years ago when that lady was kicked off a plane for bringing an emotional support squirrel on board? Now I’m not sure how helpful squirrels are as support animals, but depending on your situation you could get a dog. Maybe a cat? Certified dog trainer Stephanie Gibeault joins us to discuss what emotional support animals are, how they can help us and how to get one. Hardships and Happiness (0:15:34) Are you too busy to even take a moment to breathe? Being busy sometimes sounds like you are really getting the most out of your time, when in fact it might be the opposite. So many people struggle to manage their time and end up feeling like they spent their whole day running back and forth without really getting anything done. We are joined by motivational speaker and author Michelle McCullough as she tells us more about how busy people can learn to manage their time better.  Social Kids (0:34:37) Friend of the show Carrie Ann Rhodes joins us to talk about helping our kids be social. Better Posture (0:50:37) Turns out mom was right—standing up straight is important, and not just so you look presentable. A recent study shows that sitting with good posture for just 20 minutes can dramatically improve a person’s mood. And while we know good posture is important, it can be so hard to remind ourselves to sit or stand up straight when your naturally body wants to rest in a slouched position. So, here to share with us her tips on how we can improve our posture is body and posture expert Dr. Liza Egbogah. Job Search News (1:06:28) Searching for a job is a nightmare in and of itself, but right now the job market is so tight that it seems nearly impossible to even get an interview. So, how can we make ourselves more marketable and come through in this insanely competitive climate? Roberta Chinsky Matuson is the CEO of Matuson Consulting, a top management-consulting firm with extensive knowledge on this job climate. We thought she could help us out and impart some of her wisdom.  New Tech in the Workplace (1:23:45) Technology influences many aspects of our lives, including our work life. It can make things easier, faster, and more efficient. But it’s always changing. Sometimes it feels like we can’t keep up with its constant growth. And it’s easy to feel pressured, especially at work, to know how to use each new piece of tech. We want to help you be better equipped with the technological skills you need to succeed at work and differentiate yourself to employers, so we invited John Baker, the CEO of Desire2Learn, to help us develop those skills and capitalize on technology in our careers.