Surprise E.R. Bills, Insurance Changes, Bacteria and the Colon

Top of Mind with Julie Rose - Radio Archive, Episode 443

  • Dec 13, 2016
  • 1:42:06 mins

Surprise ER Doctor Bills Guest: Zack Cooper, PhD, Assistant Professor of Public Health, Assistant Professor of Economics, Assistant Professor in the Institution for Social and Policy Studies, Yale University You go to an emergency room that’s in your insurance network – you make sure of that - and while you’re there, a doctor patches you up. Then comes a bill in the mail and that doctor who took care of you turns out not to have been in the same insurance network as the ER where you went. So you’re on the hook for that out-of-network bill, which is probably hundreds of dollars, because ER doctors don’t come cheap.  Health Insurance Under Trump Guest: Marc Showalter, PhD, Professor of Economics, BYU Given the Republican control of Congress and President-elect Trump’s nomination of an outspoken Obamacare critic to head the Department of Health and Human Services, changes are definitely in store for the healthcare in the US. Republican leaders in Congress are pushing to pass a bill, early next year, that would repeal many key provisions of the Affordable Care Act.  Saying Goodbye to Mom-in-Chief, Michelle Obama Guest: Sara Hayden, PhD, Professor of Communication Studies, University of Montana  America will soon bid farewell to the nation’s first African American first family. So, let’s spend a moment looking at Michelle Obama’s legacy in the role of First Lady. Very early on, she began referring to herself as “mom-in-chief” and reiterated it again during her speech at the 2012 Democratic National Convention when Obama was seeking re-election.  Michelle Obama’s focus on her role as a mother to her daughters – and through her Let’s Move program to all of America’s kids – rankled feminists who would rather have seen her place more emphasis on her extensive professional credentials as an attorney and executive.  When Gut Bacteria Eat the Colon Guest: Eric Martens, PhD, Professor of Microbiology, University of Michigan According to research done by microbiologists at the University of Michigan Medical School, fiber is an important food source for a certain type of gut bacteria. And if you don’t give those bacteria enough fiber to eat, they’ll start munching on the lining of your colon, instead.  Lion and LA LA Land Guest: Rod Gustafson, “La La Land” won best picture and best director at the Critic’s Choice Awards over the weekend and got seven Golden Globe Nominations – the most of any film this year.  Treating Muscle Injuries Guest: Mike Alder, Tech. Transfer, BYU; Robert Hyldahl, Exercise Science Professor, BYU Use it or lose it is the rule with muscles. So, for people who are unable to exercise, either because of old age, illness or maybe they’re astronauts floating weightless in space, the search is on to find ways of preventing muscles wasting away from lack of use.