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Family Adventures, Last Mile Vehicles, COVID Waste, Mini Book Club, The Great Realization

The Lisa Show
  • Oct 1, 2020

Family Adventures (0:00:00) Traveling creates some of the greatest memories that last even after the pictures have all faded. It also strengthens your relationship with your family as you share new experiences and overcome the challenges of traveling together. But family vacations are often difficult to coordinate with kids, siblings, and parents who have different schedules and expectations. So for today’s adventure club, we invited family travel expert Shani Smith and her two daughters Savannah and Kamree of Our Family Passport. This traveling trio have been to over 45 countries with their families, and they write about their experiences on their blog. They join us today to share their tips for making the most of your next family vacation. Last Mile Vehicles (0:18:55) When you hear "Uber" or "Lyft," you'd be right to think of ridesharing. But these companies recently invested in their own fleets of electric scooters and bicycles available for rent! Shared bicycle and electric scooter services are soaring in popularity to help commuters with "the last mile" between the bus or train and their destination (or possibly their entire commute!). But with all these rental options, you might be wondering if it could be worth it to just buy your own personal electronic vehicle. There are so many options, from electric scooters to electric skateboards and even roller skates... so here to break them down for us and discuss if you should rent or buy one, is David Pierce, the current editor-at-large at Protocol, a news organization focusing on technology. COVID Waste (0:52:45) One of the many side effects of the pandemic that many of us never predicted is an overflow of trash. With everyone staying home, the sanitation industry is struggling to keep up with all the waste—especially in big cities like Philadelphia, Baltimore and Atlanta. So, we wanted to know how the pandemic changed our waste habits and impacted the sanitation industry —and what we can do to help. Here with some answers for us is David Biderman CEO of the Solid Waste Association of North America. Mini Book Club: Books to Judge by Their Covers (1:13:36) Rachel Wadham, of BYU Radio’s Worlds Awaiting, talks with Lisa and Richie about the books that you can judge on their appearance. The Great Realization (1:26:34) Over the last seven months, we’ve grappled with our new COVID world in different ways. We’ve felt fear and frustration, but we’ve also experienced moments of hope as we’ve pulled together to create a better world for the each other during the pandemic and made changes we hope will last long after all of this is over. But what will our world look like after everything we’ve gone through? One poet and filmmaker, Tomos Roberts, filmed a viral video of himself reading a hopeful story about a post-COVID world. It’s called “The Great Realization” and he joins us today to discuss the tale that’s captured the attention and hearts of millions of people. Show More...

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