Engineering Sleep, Flea Circus, Ghost Town, Ice King

Constant Wonder - Radio Archive, Episode 216

  • Jul 23, 2019 8:00 pm
  • 1:36:52 mins

Engineering Sleep Guest: Penelope Lewis, Professor, Psychology, Cardiff University, and author, "The Secret World of Sleep: The Surprising Science of the Mind at Rest" Researchers have long heralded the psychological benefits of a good night’s rest. But what if better sleep could make us more creative? Sleep researcher Penelope Lewis explains how “sleep engineering” may be the key to better memories, slower aging, and improved creativity. The Bizarre History of the Flea Circus Guest: Andy Clark, Director, Flea Circus Research Library Andy Clark has discovered a passion for these tiny circuses and he’s here to tell us about their history, and maybe even tickle your fancy enough to go find one for yourself.  Home Alone in a Ghost Town Guest: Eileen Muza, visual artist, sole resident of Cisco, UT, and founder, “Home of the Brave” art residency Once a bustling railroad town in southern Utah, Cisco was abandoned in the early 1990s. Wisconsin-born visual artist Eileen Muza is uncovering the history of this iconic American ghost town and giving it new life. She's founded an artist-in-residence program in Cisco, called "Home of the Brave," to welcome more artists to share in the wonder of this unique place. To learn more about Cisco, or to apply to or donate to the "Home of the Brave" residency program, click here.  How the World Kept Cool When “The Ice King” Ruled Guest: Jonathan Rees, Professor of History at Colorado State University-Pueblo, author of "Refrigeration Nation," "Before the Refrigerator," and "Refrigerator" Before the refrigerator, or air conditioning or electric fans, ice was a hot-–or rather, cold-–commodity. We’re talking with Jonathan Rees about the surprisingly complex workings of the ice industry, and the “Ice King” who started it all by shipping New England ice all around the globe.