A Good Night's Rest
  • Mar 20, 2021
  • 56:50 mins

What would the world look like if it didn’t have sunlight to welcome each new day? What if your school took everyone to Disney World for a field trip? And what would make a dying man laugh? Well, you’ll have plenty of time to reflect upon those questions and more during today’s episode of The Apple Seed. You’ll be hearing from storytellers like Linda Gorham, Glenda Bonin, Bill Gordh, and others. On today’s episode, enjoy the following: “A Good Night’s Rest” by Jay O’Callahan from Pill Hill Quartet (12:18) Radio Family Journal: “People Don’t Dance Like They Used To” by Sam Payne (5:00) Daily Mix: “Wonderful Baby” with Mark Wait (6:36) “Raven and Daylight” by Glenda Bonin from Winston the Wide Mouth Frog and Other Fantastic Folktales (9:40) “Nobody Could Believe It” by Linda Gorham from Common Sense and Uncommon Fun! (8:29) “Old Greybeard and Little Ayla” by Bill Gordh (8:17)