Intense Weather Ahead for California

Intense Weather Ahead for California

Top of Mind with Julie Rose - Radio Archive, Episode 206 , Segment 3

Episode: Gender Pricing, Foodies, Gender Gap, False Crime Confessions

  • Jan 6, 2016 10:00 pm
  • 16:15 mins

Guests: Lawrence Hipps, PhD, Climate Scientist at Utah State University; Robert Gillies, PhD, Director of the Utah Climate Center After years of record drought, Southern California is now being pummeled by rain and flooding that is expected to last a couple of weeks. Meteorologists blame El Nino – that storm generating system over the Pacific Ocean that rears its head every four or five years.  Climate scientists at Utah State University have linked global warming to a more intense El Nino pattern. Their latest study published in the journal Nature Communications predicts even more dramatic fluctuations are in store for California, if greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise.

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