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Care Planning, Inspire Music, Botanical Shakespeare, Friends with Trauma, Finding Happiness Every Day, Mini Book Club, Social Interaction

The Lisa Show
  • Sep 12, 2019 2:00 pm
  • 1:41:01

Care Planning (0:00:00) Did you know that the median cost for nationwide home health aide services is up to $125 a day? A nursing home costs even more. Keeping parents in their homes as they age is getting more and more difficult. Mark Dunning, founder of Care Planning Institute, says that although these statistics are overwhelming, there are solutions and programs out there. We have him with us to help find these programs. Inspirational Music (0:16:24) Have you ever had a terrible day and then your favorite song came on the radio and everything just seemed to get much better? Music teaches, it moves our emotions, and even drives us to be better people. One non-profit is using it as a tool to change lives locally and internationally. We have Michael Sackett, co-founder and CEO of INSPIRE: music.service.hope, joining us to talk about how he and his team use the power of music to uplift the world. Botanical Shakespeare (0:32:00) Did you know that reading Shakespeare can increase your memory and help you create new thoughts? In fact, a study done by Liverpool University showed that reading classic literature was “more useful than self-help books.” But what if you don’t enjoy reading Shakespeare? The Bard can be very difficult to understand, and often this causes people to shrink away from reading his plays and works. Gerit Quealy disagrees and thinks that you can get over your fear of Shakespeare! She is the author of "Botanical Shakespeare," and she is with us to talk about how to enjoy reading Shakespeare. Friends with Trauma (0:50:23) Friendships are a valuable part of our support system when dealing with a crisis or catastrophe, but what about after the tragedy has passed? When someone is dealing with trauma the things that they need from friendship changes. What can be done to help a friend recovering from a traumatic event? What might be needed from the relationship? Here to talk us through it is Dr. Joyce Mikal-Flynn, professor and researcher of trauma informed care and post-traumatic growth. Finding Happiness Every Day (1:04:34) It can be so easy to go through life believing that you will be happy “one day,” or that happiness is for other people, but not for you. Especially in the sad or difficult times in life, it can be challenging to find happiness. So how can we find happiness every day? Jacqueline Pirtle says, “You ARE happiness and happiness IS you.You two are never separate... It’s the best package deal ever!” We thought this was incredibly inspiring, so we invited Jacqueline onto the show so we can talk about happiness with her. Mini Book Club: Reading When You're Busy (1:22:20) Rachel Wadham, of BYU Radio's Worlds Awaiting, explains what we can do when we feel like we're too busy to read, and which books are great for a busy lifestyle. Social Interaction (1:30:25) Do you ever get so caught up in life’s distractions that you realize it’s been hours since you’ve had a face to face conversation? This can happen so easily in the technology driven world we live in today. With so much access to others’ lives on our screens, we often forget how important social interaction really is! Licensed psychologist Dr. Mike Brooks is with us to tell us about how we can better our well-being through interacting with others.