Ghosts: Boo Who
  • Oct 29, 2015 6:00 pm
  • 56:30 mins

Stories perfect for a ghost story night, and an interview with a real life ghost hunter. Stories included in this episode: Lyn Ford Story: I Live Here, Too Teller:  Lyn Ford Site: Notes: Castle Interview: Sam Payne is joined by Castle, a paranormal investigator part of the Wasatch Investigative Society for Paranormal Studies. Bill Mooney Story The Slasher Teller: Bill Mooney Site: Notes: A telling of a classic urban legend by Bill Mooney from the album, "Spiders in the Hairdo" with David Holt. Anne Rutherford Story: SMEE (It's Me...) Teller: Anne Rutherford Site: Notes:  An unexpected guest in a game of hide and seek.