• Nov 12, 2013 7:00 am

Shane Reese, BYU Statistics professor, addresses the topic, "On the Measurements We Make in Life," to an audience at this BYU Devotional at the Marriott Center. Reese is known nationally both for serious research and his passionate pursuit of sport statistics. He was recently named a Fellow of 2013 by the American Statistical Association, making him the fifth Utahn to receive the honor. His current projects include modeling solar storms and enigmatic energy masses at the edge of the galaxy. Other projects have included locating bowhead whale mating grounds and assisting in the storage and demolition of nuclear and chemical weapons. Reese also has studied Babe Ruth, NASCAR and professional football, and does research on behalf of the U.S. Olympic volleyball team. In 2005, Reese joined a fellow university colleague in a consulting role for former Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid. Reese received a bachelor’s and master’s degree in statistics from BYU in 1994 and 1995. He earned his doctorate in statistics at Texas A&M University in 1999.