**** BITES -- "The Runaway Horse" by Odds Bodkin with guests Jeff Simpson and Antony Karani

The Apple Seed
  • Jul 19, 2019 2:00 pm
  • 14:15

From time to time, we'll post what we call a BITE ("like a normal episode, only shorter!"). We always hope that the stories you listen to on The Apple Seed will spark memories and thoughts that you can share with the ones you love -- perhaps even the people with whom you listen to the show. In a BITE, we'll listen to a single story -- one that we love -- and invite friends to share memories and thoughts that occur to them as they listen to it. On today's BITE, you'll hear a story by Odds Bodkin called "The Runaway Horse". Have you ever had a trial turn into a blessing? Well then you'll relate to the protagonist of today's story. Sam is joined by Producer Jeff Simpson and guest Antony Karani.