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The Stories We Tell Ourselves, Marvel Superheroes, Real Life Vigilantes

The Lisa Show
  • Dec 14, 2018
  • 01:36:23

The Stories We Tell Ourselves (00:00) “The stories that we generate and tell ourselves can have huge effects on our behaviors and the results that we create. If we can craft a better story about the meaning of our circumstances, then we can change the way we relate to those circumstances.” Dan Cable explains how changing the stories we tell ourselves can improve our ever-changing lives. Marvel Movies (16:09) Pop culture enthusiast Kacy Faulconer shares her favorite, and least favorite, Marvel characters and movies. The positive and negative messages sent by popular superhero figures is discussed. Holiday Talk (34:10) Kacy Faulconer talks about Christmas gifts and how to not play favorites during the holiday season. Most memorable gift stories are shared. Real Life Vigilantes (47:52) Professor of homeland security at criminal justice, Matt Pinsker, shares stories of real life superheroes who seek to come to the rescue all around the world. What to Talk About During the Holidays (1:01:58) How to get out of uncomfortable conversation traps and how to keep the Christmas chit chat merry and bright. Lisa and Becca share personal experiences as well as tips and tricks. Christmas Music and Movies (1:21:53) Hear what Christmas songs are being voted as the best and the worst this holiday season. Also, looking to go to the movies this weekend? Rod and Lisa talk about what films are worth going to see. Show More...

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