Fear of Blood

Fear of Blood

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Shutdown Politics, Fear of Blood, Face Exercises

Episode: Shutdown Politics, Fear of Blood, Face Exercises

  • Jan 22, 2019 11:00 pm
  • 15:57 mins

Guest: Christopher France, PhD, Professor of Psychology, Ohio University  Up until quite recently, I refused to donate blood. I did it once or twice in college and nearly fainted both times. So I spent the next 20 years convinced I just couldn’t donate. But it turns out I can give blood, if I master the panic that rises in my gut when the needle goes into my arm and I see my own blood start flowing out. I’ve donated successfully a few times recently – so I know it’s possible. Fainting – or feeling faint – is the most common negative side effect of donating blood, but it’s actually very very rare. Yet, many of us think it’s common, and it’s a reason people steer clear of donating.