Literacy Today, Lifelong Learning
  • Aug 21, 2015 9:00 pm
  • 1:43:14 mins

Literacy in the Digital Age (1:05) Guests: Gideon Burton, PhD., Professor of English at BYU; Joella Peterson, Children Services Manager at the Provo Library; Travis Patten, Sales Manager at Pioneer Book  It’s a tricky thing, this concern we have about kids and “screen time.” The American Academy of Pediatrics says parents should keep it to one or two hours a day for their children. If a child is under two, researchers say they shouldn’t have any screen time. But where does reading on a tablet or phone fit into that recommendation? We want kids to read as much as possible. And while e-books haven’t replaced the printed word, they’re certainly gaining ground. This hour, we’ve convened a panel to discuss the pros and cons of digital reading.  Learning for Life (50:45) Guests: Kathryn MacKay, PhD., Professor of Teacher Education at BYU; Jeff Edwards, PhD., Faculty of BYU Neuroscience Center and Professor of Developmental Biology at BYU; Mona Hopkins, PhD., Director of the BYU Neuroscience Center and Professor Psychology at BYU  We’re broadcasting live from the annual BYU Education Week here on campus, where thousands of people converge to sit in classrooms for a week and listen to lectures on just about anything you can imagine. While sitting in a classroom is not the way most people would choose to spend a weeklong vacation, the idea of learning a new skill or getting acquainted with a different view of the world is rather appealing. This hour we’re focusing on the power of learning at every stage of life. From teaching children to be intellectually curious to tips for keeping your mind and memory fresh as you age, our experts will share the latest research and insight.

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