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Color Corps, Staging Your Home, Mental Health Days, Summer Hair, Kids and Feelings, Teenage Curiosity

The Lisa Show
  • Jul 7, 2020 12:00 pm
  • 1:45:34
Color Corps (0:00:00) When you’re walking through a city, you see a lot of gray –gray skyscrapers, gray sidewalk, and a dark gray street. But how does it make you feel when you see a colorful mural that breaks through the dull city monotony? Painting giant, colorful murals is part of what Project Color Corps does, a nonprofit organization dedicated to using the power of color to bring energy into neighborhoods and cities. Today, we’re joined by Laura Guido-Clark, founder of Project Color Corps, here to talk with us about their work and the power of color to change a community. Staging Your Home (0:16:17) You just packed everything into the moving van. Looking at your empty house with no furniture can be depressing, but you might not want to spend the money on getting it staged for showings. When you are moving out of your house, there are all sorts of costs that pile up. Should you include staging as one of them? To discuss this topic, we’ve invited Jen Martin, professional organizer, stager, and founder of Reset Your Nest. The Power of Mental Health Days (0:34:45) Over the past couple years, we’ve seen a lot of progress in the way we view and deal with mental health. It’s a great thing that we all know more about it and can talk about things more openly, but unfortunately that doesn’t mean we’ve found a solution. There’s still a lot of fear that we or a loved one will discover they suffer from a mental illness. We often feel like there should be more we can do to make the situation better for everyone involved. That’s why we invited Hailey Hardcastle onto the show. She’s an activist who helps destigmatize mental illness. Recently, she successfully lobbied to make it legal for students in Oregon to take mental health days. Summer Hairstyles (0:52:48) Although this summer might be in a lot of ways like no other summer we’ve ever had—the heat at least has remained constant. And with that heat, comes a desire to trim and lighten your hair. I know those of you with long hair are probably eyeing a pair of scissors and thinking about chopping it all off while others are considering a switch from brunette to blonde. But before you make any big changes, let’s find out what hairstyles are going to be hip and cool during the next few months. Here to tell us all about how you should cut and style your luscious locks this summer is celebrity hair stylist Kiyah Wright. Talking to Kids about Feelings (1:13:45) With the rollercoaster of happenings in the world around us, most of us are also experiencing a rollercoaster of feelings. And our poor kids are along for that ride. Emotions are hard to navigate period, so how can we possibly help our kids navigate them with all of the added change and disappointment going on right now? To help us with this, we’ve called on our friend, Ganel-Lyn Condie. Ganel-Lyn is a motivational speaker who works to help people find joy in their lives. Let’s figure out how to talk with our kids about their feelings and help them find joy with her. Tackling Adolescent Curiosity (1:27:59) Don’t you just love it when your kid questions “Why” every time you tell them something? Sometimes it’s annoying, and other times it’s endearing because it shows their curiosity. All children have this eagerness to learn about the world around them. And although we often hear the phrase “Curiosity killed the cat,” sometimes curiosity leads to wonderful discoveries. So, how can we foster it in kids? Well today, we have Dr. Carl Pickhardt, a licensed psychologist with over 30 years of experience, here with us to discuss the best way we can approach our adolescents’ curiosity.