HIV/AIDS Research, Work at Your Own Pace, Healthy Holidays

The Matt Townsend Show

  • Dec 2, 2015 2:00 pm
  • 2:21:05

HIV and AIDS Research (14:43) Dr. Bradford Berges is a Professor of microbiology and molecular biology at BYU. Dr. Berges studies how viruses cause disease in humans and is researching HIV/AIDS. Three decades ago, testing positive for HIV, more or less was a death sentence. Today, after years of research, an early diagnosis can be treated and maintained and patients can live a normal lifespan. In the United States, about 1.2 million people currently live with HIV, with 37 million worldwide, millions of them unknowingly living with the virus. Dr. Berges explains to Dr. Townsend what the current advances in HIV/AIDS research are and what it means to the lives of those with the disease. Face the Race at your Own Pace (1:01:20) Dr. Elad Levinson has 35 years of experience in leadership roles in private and public companies, including ICANN, Growth Sherpas, and Stanford University. Dr. Levinson has a degree in Psychology and maintains a private coaching practice. He is a longtime Buddhist practitioner and an applied Neuroscience and Behavioral Sciences Thought leader and Consultant. Dr. Levinson shares with Dr Townsend how finding your pace at work will lead to success. How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays (1:48:13) Dr. Judith Wurtman is a former director of the Research Program in Women’s Health at the MIT Clinical Research Center and founder of TRIAD, a Harvard Hospital weight loss center. The holidays are a great time to celebrate with cultural customs and family traditions, but some of those traditions include a whole lot of fat and sugar. Dr. Wurtman talks with Dr. Townsend about how we can make sure that Santa is the only one gaining the holiday weight this year.