Marriage Monday
  • Feb 9, 2015 7:00 pm
  • 55:29 mins

In honor of Valentine's Day, the Apple Seed team has collected a heart-melting mix of stories for the week. On this special Marriage Monday episode not only do we have songs and stories from some of our favorite tellers, but we also get to follow a couple here in Provo, Utah preparing for their engagement and wedding. Here is a photo from their engagement, below:  Stories, interviews, and songs included in this episode: Maddie Richards and Randy Low Interview: Maddy Richards and Randy Low Notes: Maddy and Randy, a couple on the cusp of engagement and marriage, speak with assistant producer, Deidrene Crisanto, throughout the episode about their excitement. Simon Brooks Story 1: The Faerie Bride Teller: Simon Brooks Site: Notes: There's something magical about the air, in this story of a man willing to do anything to save his marriage. Beth Horner Story 2: The Young Woman of Vietnam Teller: Beth Horner Site: Notes: A young woman teaches her husband a lesson in love and family. Jay O'Callahan Story 3: My Wild Beauty Teller: Jay O'Callahan Site: Notes: Jay visited Ireland with his wife when they were younger- 22 years later, Jay has some worries about this second trip. John McCutcheon Song: Old People in Love Teller: John McCutcheon Site: Notes: Love is just one of those things that gets better with age.